Since you all spend most of your time on upholstery, they get easily stained or dirty. So, when that happens, you use a vacuum or dry towels to get rid of the stains and clean it.

However, many people don’t recognize whether they are following the correct upholstery method and products? If you’re also one of them, then read below upholstery cleaning mistakes to avoid for keeping it in good condition.

Four Common Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid


♣ Overlooking Manufacturer’s Instruction

Any good upholstery item comes with its own set of cleaning and maintenance instructions. The instructions are provided for the homeowners to easily take care of their upholstery. So if you don’t follow them, it may lead to irreparable damages to your upholstery fabric.

♣ Scrubbing Too Hard

Upholstery fibers are delicate and you need to handle them carefully. So, when you clean your upholstery, try to avoid scrubbing it too hard. Always remember that scrubbing hard won’t remove all the dirt present in it. Instead, use proper cleaning methods and products to achieve great results.

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♣ No Patch Test of Cleaning Solutions

Upholstery fabrics are made of different materials and therefore the same cleaning solution wouldn’t work on all. To avoid ruining your precious sofas and couches, it is best to take a patch test of the cleaning solution. Thus, helps in saving your upholstery from any harsh chemicals and reactions.

♣ Soaking the Upholstery

The most common upholstery cleaning mistake to avoid is soaking the upholstery. Since upholstery is porous, it will absorb all the water into it. So, if this water is not extracted out completely, it will foster mold growth in them. This will cause health and hygiene issues at home.

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