Dry rot is among the worst problems that may happen to a rug. If you catch mold and mildew relatively early, you may be able to destroy it and remove it without leaving much of a trace on the rug. There is no way to stop dry rot once it has started on a rug, though.

Not to mention the potential health risks associated with having sources of mold in your house. Professional cleaning is required to make it the same as before. Here are some amazing tips you can follow to prevent mildew or dry rot in the future.

Rug Care Tips To Prevent Mildew And Dry Rot In Rugs.

There are several ways to prevent mildew, here are some most used tricks to prevent mildew and dry rot in rugs.

Tricks To Remove Mildew

Keep Things Clean

When moisture and temperature conditions are ideal, soil on soiled items can provide mildew with enough food to begin growing. Regardless of the fiber type, thoroughly clean all soiled garments to help prevent mildewing.

Get Rid Of Dampness

Mold spores are in the air and, if there is enough moisture, they may congregate on surfaces. Excessive dampness may be a sign that renovations or more insulation are required. Replace any damaged or broken mortar.

Make sure there is enough outdoor drainage. Proper ventilation is crucial. If your dryer has a vent, exhaust the moist air outside.

Dry The Air

Compared to warm air, cool air holds less moisture. By absorbing warm air, cooling it, and then recirculating the cool, dry air back into the room, properly fitted air-conditioning systems eliminate moisture from the air. Keep windows and doors closed when using dehumidifiers or air conditioners.

Get Rid Of Musty Odors

In other cases, you can smell musty scents coming from shower stalls and basements, which are signs of mold growth. Take extra care to remove musty smells as soon as you can to stop the growth of harmful mold.

Circulate The Air

Moisture can be effectively removed by air movement. Ventilation enables dry air to enter, absorb extra moisture, and then be taken outside when the air outside is drier than the air inside. Electric fans can be used to move air from the house when natural breezes are insufficient. These fans can be put in windows, built into walls, or vented to the attic.

Ways To Prevent Dry Rot

Unfortunately, there is no cure to stop the damaged fibers’ rapid aging process. Because of preexisting conditions during use, the harm has already been done. The recommended way to proceed is for a careful, complete professional cleaning followed by the application of any repairs required to fortify or rebuild the area of the damage.

To stop some of the underlying issues that cause harm, an anti-microbial or anti-fungal treatment may also be taken into account. However, there is no guarantee that the dry rot won’t recur in the same or different locations on the rug or textile in the future.

How Often Cleaning Is Required To Prevent Mildew And Rots

It depends on several factors as if you have low traffic at your house or office you need to have a professional cleaning once or twice every year. Moreover, if you have high traffic into your home, children, and pets you need to have a professional cleaning every 3 to 4 months to extend the life of the rug.

If you are busy and have no time on maintaining or cleaning the stuff you can hire professionals who can do the whole work for you and make your problems disappear. They are well talented and have vast experience in cleaning different materials of carpets and rugs. You can also call them for a free quote or some advice about your property.