Professional carpet cleaners know many carpet cleaning methods. But, they use the one that is more suitable for your carpet fabric type. However, any cleaning method they use, every one of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Cleaning methods are mainly divided into two main classes: dry cleaning and wet cleaning. The wet cleaning method involves hot water extraction and the use of an absorbent pad. Whereas in dry cleaning, they use absorbent foams or shampoos to clean carpets.

To help decide the perfect carpet cleaning method for yourself, read below the pros and cons of each one of them.

1. Wet Carpet Cleaning

This method involves either hot water extraction or steam cleaning. The basic concept is the same for both the carpet cleaning methods. But the difference between both is that one uses steam and the other uses hot water to clean the carpet.

After water or steam is forced into the carpet, the cleaners leave it aside for 15 minutes. This time allows the cleaning agents to loosen up the soil and other contaminants. Then, the carpet cleaners use a strong suction machine to remove water and the other bad elements from the carpets.


  • Remove deeply embedded soil from the carpets.
  • Use strong cleaning agents, high temperature, and pressure for cleaning carpet.
  • Provides more time to the cleaning agents for them to work well.
  • The widely preferred method by carpet cleaning professionals all around the world.


  • Equipment needs continuous maintenance to keep it in good condition.
  • Costly as compared to other cleaning methods.


Dry Carpet Cleaning San Antonio

2. Dry Carpet Cleaning

It is also known as bonnet cleaning. This is a simple and less time-consuming method of cleaning. You can use this method to clean your carpet regularly. Additionally, this method uses cleaning agents in powdered or foam form.

Professional vacuum the carpet before starting the cleaning process. Then, they spray or sprinkle the cleaning agent all over the carpet and let it rest for some time. A pad is attached to a rotating machine, which helps to spread the cleaning agent inside the carpet. Later on, the professional vacuum out the cleaning agent as well as soil.


  • Inexpensive, easy as well as a fast cleaning method.
  • Can clean lightly contaminated carpets well.


  • Can’t clean the carpets thoroughly.
  • Unfortunately, the cleaning agent and the waste gets accumulated at the base of the carpet. So, getting them out is difficult.

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