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San Antonio

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services in San Antonio Texas

The quality of air in your home, as well as the workplace, is an essential thing, as we spend most of our time indoors. With the constant flow of air, a massive amount of dust, lint, and debris get trapped inside your air ducts. An unclean air duct not only affects the air quality but also decreases the performance of your air conditioner.

You must regularly get your air ducts cleaned for a better quality of air and improved life for your HVAC system. We at Green Air Care provide professional air duct cleaning for your home and commercial places. Our professional cleaners are highly experienced and use the best cleaning methods and equipment to eliminate all the allergens and harmful particles from your air duct resulting in improved air quality.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

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We inspect the air ducts and check the amount of debris collected inside. We also check for leaks and similar issues.

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After inspection, we vacuum the air ducts with powerful HEPA vacuums to remove the lint, hairs, and other dust particles.

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To remove the debris, we agitate it using equipment with rotary brushes. These brushes remove all the debris quite effectively.

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Duct Cleaning

We thoroughly clean the duct walls with a cleaning agent to remove the grime on the duct walls and wipe them.

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System Cleaning

We evaluate the remainder of your HVAC system after we’ve finished cleaning your ducts and do any necessary cleanings.

Dangers Of Contaminated Air Ducts

Unclean air ducts cause several problems and severe dangers. The pollutants inside the air duct enter your home and workplace through your air conditioners. They cause problems like allergies, sickness, and breathing disorders. Another problem with unclean ducts is the musty smell, which becomes intolerable after a point. Apart from the health issues, clogged air ducts reduce the overall performance of your air conditioning system, and some parts may require frequent replacement. Regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of your HVAC system is beneficial to avoid these dangers.

Our Before & After Air Duct Cleaning Images

Customer Testimonials

5 Star Rating"We had them clean a mattress for a client of ours in San Antonio. The client was very happy with the quality and the results of the cleaning. She said they did a great job. We will definitely be calling them for our future cleaning needs. Great job guys!"

Charisa O.

5 Star Rating"They came to clean the carpets in my downstairs. They were on time, polite, professional and they did an incredible job! Smells good and looks great. Big improvement and great since I am going to sell my home. I highly recommend this company."

Isabella Middleton

5 Star Rating"Excellent customer service. They were on time and worked really hard, leaving me with a fresh carpet. Very good price, the carpet were very dirty and now they have their color back. Won’t hesitate to recommend this company, thank you!"
Tracey Fredenham