As the fall season is approaching, the days are going to become colder. As a result, many homeowners will use their fireplaces to keep their homes warm. But, there is one thing that most homeowners forget, that is, fall chimney sweeping.

Now, chimney cleaning is an important task that ensures the proper functioning of your chimney. Besides that, it also ensures your safety as clogged-up chimneys are often the cause of fire at homes.

However, since chimney sweeping at home is a dangerous and difficult task, one must take a professional’s help. An experienced and knowledgeable expert will perform the task well and with all the safety precautions.

Before you hire a professional, read the below top chimney sweep faqs and their answers. This will help you choose a trusted service provider and not get scammed.

4 Highly Asked Chimney Sweep FAQs

♦ What Is Included In A Chimney Sweep?

This includes the following tasks:

  • Brushing the entire fireplace, checking the firebox, liner, smoke chamber, and the exterior of the chimney. Also, looking into the amount of flue and creosote.
  • Checking the working condition of all the appliances.
  • Providing tips and tricks to keep the chimney and fireplace clean. Also, recommend any repair or replacement of any tool or solution to any important problem.
  • Offer video inspection of the chimney to see the insides of the chimney. This will cost extra but is well worth the money.

♦ What Is The Cost Of Chimney Cleaning?

The average cost for chimney inspection offered by chimney sweeping services is between $100 to $250. This cost depends on how easy it is to access the roof and the type of chimney you have. Whereas chimney cleaning costs between $100 to $350, depending on the number of issues, type of equipment, and method used.

♦ How To Clean A Chimney From Inside?

Although there are certain DIY methods to clean the chimney from the inside, as an experienced expert in professional chimney cleaning, we don’t recommend you attempt it. It is dangerous and can hurt you.

♦ What Do Chimney Sweep Logs Do?

A chimney sweeping log will help you clean your chimney and extract out all the leftover creosote. They are also known as a creosote sweeping log, a creosote log, or a creosote cleaning log. This nullifies the chances of your home catching fire due to creosote build-up.

Your Safety, Our Guarantee: Professional Chimney Sweeping Service!

As you know the answers to the top chimney sweep faqs, hire the best professional chimney sweeper in San Antonio, Green Air Care. We have been cleaning and safeguarding properties from chimney fires by providing in-depth chimney cleaning service. Call us today to know more.