The wooden fencing around your home looks pleasing to the eye. However, if you don’t clean them often, you would see them getting discolored due to mold growth on them. Slowly, they would rot away. Hence, cleaning them is extremely important to keep them in great condition for a long time.

So, how to power wash a fence? Luckily, this blog will guide you to clean your wooden fence using a power washing machine.

How Do You Pressure Wash A Wood Fence?

♦ Preparation Process:

To begin the power washing, you need to prepare the surface of the fence. Here’s what you should do:
⇒ Remove any obstacles that can prevent smooth movement of the hose.
⇒ Cover the plants, lighting fixtures with plastic to protect them from water.
⇒ Clean the area around the fence.
⇒ Close all the windows and doors to not let water enter inside your house.
⇒ Keep the water pressure in an area where there is no disturbance.
⇒ The wind’s direction affects the cleaning process. So, make sure to perform this task on a non-windy day.
⇒ Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual to have a better understanding of how to use the power washing machine and what type of cleaning solution to use.

♦ Power Washing Process:

When you start the power washing process, see what wooden cleaning solution the manufacturer recommends. The instruction manual also tells you how far you should keep the spray tip from the fence’s surface. To establish the pressure of the machine, use it on a small spare surface.
⇒ Adjust the power washing machine at low to apply the wooden cleaning solution on the fence.
⇒ The best way to apply the cleaning solution is from bottom to top.
⇒ Use a utility brush to apply the cleaning solution on all the corners.
⇒ A rotating scrubber helps to remove debris and stains from the fence.
⇒ Avoid cleaning the places which are under direct sunlight or are hot.
⇒ Keep the cleaning solution as per instructions provided by the manufacturer.
⇒ Make sure the cleaning solution doesn’t dry out.
⇒ Spray water in the direction of the wood grain to remove the cleaning solution.
⇒ Here, wash the fence from top to bottom. This prevents water streaks to form on the fence.
⇒ After rinsing all the cleaning solution and the debris off the fence, let it dry for 48 hours.

Why You Shouldn’t Power Wash On Your Own?

Should you power wash your fence on your own? No, you shouldn’t. The reason is simple. Controlling the pressure of water is critical. Even a little change in the pressure can damage the fence. You wouldn’t like the extra money going into fixing it.

Get Hold of A Professional Power Washing Service in Your Area!

When you aren’t sure how to power wash a fence on your own, hire the best power washing service in your area. That way you know your fence is in safe hands. Besides that, they will clean your fence perfectly, wasn’t that your objective in the first place.

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