Carpets need regular cleaning to stay in great condition for a long period. This way it stays healthy, clean, and refreshing for years to come. Thus, with great cleaning methods, you keep dirt and dust at arm’s length.

But all these cleaning methods and efforts come to naught if you don’t know how to dry carpet after cleaning. A wet carpet is a recipe for disaster as it attracts unhealthy mold and other irritants.

So how do you do it? Well, here are the answers you’re looking for.

3 Easy Ways To Dry Carpet After Cleaning

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1. Choose The Right Method To Clean Your Carpets

There are many pros and cons of carpet cleaning methods. So choose the right one for you very wisely. Consider your carpet fiber type, research which cleaning method suits it the best, and then hire professionals accordingly.

If you opt for dry cleaning the carpet, then it would normally take 2-4 hours to dry. Whereas if you consider using a wet carpet cleaning method, it will take 6-12 hours to dry depending on the weather.

2. Great Ventilation

The easiest way to dry your carpet is by air drying. Introduce your carpet to air and it will dry fast. By simply opening up your window, switching on your fan, can speed up the process alarmingly.

Indoor air contains more moisture content than the outside one. So, when you dry your carpet with outside air, then it will dry better and faster. Though this condition holds true if it’s not raining or snowing outside.

3. Use A Dehumidifier

The water present in the carpet leaves it only when it evaporates completely in the air. But for this phenomenon to occur, the air should have very little moisture content in it.

You can use a dehumidifier to decrease the moisture level of the room. Thus, you can quicken the carpet drying process. This is the best method to use when the outside weather is not favorable or there are no windows in the room.

End Words:

There is no one way or simple way to dry the carpet after cleaning. Use the method which suits you the most. But make sure that the carpet is 100% dry or else you’ll have trouble facing it in the future.

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