Many scientists around the world have said that dirty air ducts lead to many health diseases. Though some of these health problems are related to the presence of one particular item, i.e., mold or mildew.

Mold is a fungus present almost everywhere in the outdoors and indoors. Basically, in any place that contains a high concentration of moisture, you will find mold there.

Although it’s a naturally occurring fungus, it has the ability to cause lots of difficulties to people suffering from breathing problems. However, its presence becomes lethal when its present in air ducts.

Air ducts are hollow ducts that go all around the house circulating air from the HVAC system to inside and vice versa. Thus, anything wrong in these ducts affects the entire household.

So let’s check out how mold in air ducts increases health risk.

How Mold In Air Ducts Increases Health Risk?

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1. Rise in Allergies

Mold releases spores in the air. Many people are allergic to mold spores, so as they come in contact with it, they fall sick. They suffer from mild fever, headaches, cold, breathing problems, cough, dry cough, etc.

2. Respiratory Problems

The impact of mold spores is significant for people suffering from asthma. Sometimes, things can also take a turn for worse and can become deadly. So, don’t take any risks, clean your air ducts regularly.

If you’re suffering from some allergy and not able to find a cause of it, then most likely because of mold. Stuffy nose, sneezing, skin and eye irritation, rashes, cold, sinus-related headaches are a few of its common symptoms.

Now fighting mold isn’t an amateur’s game. You need professional air duct services to eradicate it properly. They tell you how often your air duct should be cleaned for you to enjoy a healthier environment.

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