The busiest time of the year has finally arrived. Cleaning is on top of the wish checklist. The fireplace has a special role to play, for it gives warmth to our loved ones as the temperatures drop.

The safety of our loved ones is always on our minds. With so many things to be done at Christmas, some things need better planning. Neglected chimneys can increase the risk of causing a fire and are best handled by fireplace chimney sweep services.

What Possibly Could Go Wrong In A Chimney?

There are several problems that one can have with the chimneys. Sadly, many do not show any obvious signs of occurrence. The consequences can be harmful if ignored. It’s best to be aware of the potential issues and keep the chimney serviced.

1. Harmful Deposits

Chimneys accumulate chemicals such as creosote, which is harmful to breathing. It is a byproduct of wood combustion that contains tar and remains in the chimney until removed. A high temperature in the flue can also cause a fire.

2. Animals Residents

Squirrels and birds love to make their homes in the chimneys. But they also die as they cannot come out. This causes flies and unpleasant odors in your home.

3. Debris build-up

Twigs, branches, and leaves from the nearby trees fall and accumulate inside the chimney. This can be dangerous for the working of the chimney. In most cases, a chimney cap is effective, as it prevents unwanted things from entering the chimney.

Services Related To The Chimney

Fireplace Chimney Sweep San Antonio

The National Fire Protection Association has recommended getting your chimney inspected at least once every year. This is necessary to free the chimney from any deposits and check for any severe repairs.

Having a chimney serviced can involve many factors. Cracked bricks, mortar, caps, damage, waterproofing, roofing, gas lines, springs, and more. You should know how to hire a trustworthy chimney sweeping service for a safe and absolute service.

Best Fireplace Chimney Sweep Services in Town!

Green Air Care can assure you of complete fireplace chimney sweep services. We have what you want.

So, this Christmas you can strike off the chimney cleaning task from the checklist and let us take care of it.

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