Getting an air duct cleaned all by yourself is virtually near to impossible. It involves a lot of technical specifications and details. Which is usually not everyone’s cup of tea.

Professional air duct cleaning comes into the picture here. Professional air duct cleaning ensures maximum results and safety. Green Air Care is a professional cleaning company in San Antonio. Our experts have put down a few commonly asked questions for your help.

Q-1 How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?

Theoretically, as per NADCA, you should clean your air ducts every three to five years. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends regular cleaning of the air ducts.

This time period however varies from household to household. If you have pets or people having allergies, consider cleaning more often. Professional air duct cleaning improves indoor air quality and helps to have a safe and healthy indoor environment.

Q-2 Will, there be a lot of dust left after cleaning is complete?

Absolutely not. Professional air duct cleaning service provider like Green Air Care prevents this. Our high-power truck vacuum is adapted to ingesting all the dust.

The high-power vacuum truck creates negative air pressure. This leads to sucking in all the dust and debris right away. We promise to deliver the best results and leave your home cleaner and safe.

Q-3 How much time does it take to clean an air duct?

Time taken by air duct cleaning professionals differs from site to site. It all depends on a variety of factors. The level of clogging, last time your duct was cleaned, and usage affect cleaning time.

There are other technical aspects that govern the cleaning time. The layout of your ductwork, size of the house, number of systems, and its complexity matter. Professional carpet and air duct cleaners in San Antonio however clean air ducts professionally in 3-5 hours.

Q-4 Are there any health benefits of cleaning air ducts professionally?

Yes. There are many health benefits that can be enumerated. Air ducts act as a ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, and a variety of microbes. The fact that air ducts are rarely cleaned helps these microbes flourish.

Anyone having allergies like asthma can be at profound risk. The air circulated through your home using the polluted and dirty air duct can spread microbes. This reduces indoor air quality drastically.

Professional carpet and air duct cleaning look after these issues. The amount of dust and debris accumulated in these air ducts can be huge. Air duct cleaning professionals of Green Air Care come equipped with proper equipment. They reach all the corners of the system and leave your system as like-new.

Q-5 Will cleaning the air ducts reduce my energy bills?

As per the research done by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, regular cleaning of air ducts increases its efficiency. This is because air duct cleaning professionals remove dirt and debris from sensitive mechanical components. An efficient system allows smooth running.

When the air ducts are clogged with dust and debris, the flow of air is restricted. This affects the functioning of the evaporator coil, thermostat, and other components. Efficient air ductwork is less likely to break down and will have a longer life span. Our air duct cleaning San Antonio will take care of these things at a competitive price.

Have more queries in the mind? Do not hesitate to call us or drop an email. The Green Air Care team will soon respond with an accurate answer.