When you imagine your dream bedroom, the first thing you think of is the bed, and simultaneously, you think of mattresses as well. After all, what is the point of having a luxurious and spacious bedroom if you cannot have a decent night’s sleep in it?

Mattresses don’t just affect your quality of sleep, but also your health. Besides giving you a good night’s sleep, it brings you into contact with dust, dirt, allergens, germs, etc. All of this results in yellow stains on them.

The yellow stains take away the beauty of your mattress. Further, it attracts unhealthy contaminants to it. Plus, these stubborn stains are hard to remove, especially as they get older.

So, let us understand what causes yellow stains on the mattress and how professionals clean them.

Causes Of Yellow Stains On The Mattress


Over time, sweat stains start to show up on the mattress. These stains cause discoloration as well as cause the mattress to smell bad.


Bedwetting is a common occurrence at home with small kids. Sadly, it leaves behind yellow stains and a musty smell on your mattress.


Oil stains can be from the food you eat on your bed or from your own body. These oil stains, however, take a long time to turn yellow.


Any moisture available on the mattress gives mold the perfect opportunity to grow on it. This fungus leaves behind yellow stains all over the mattress.


Many of us have the habit of eating on the bed. Food particles remaining on the bed or spilled coffee can leave a stain on your mattress.

How to Clean Yellow Stains on the Mattress

Mattress cleaning is necessary for your good health and home. Using the following steps, you can remove the stains from your mattress. If that does not work, you need professional mattress cleaning services. Here are the steps to clean the yellow mattress stains.

Mattress cleaning is important for your good health and home. However, for cleaning yellow stains from the mattress, one needs the help of professional mattress cleaners. 

#1. As the first step, vacuum the stained area. Vacuuming removes all the loose dust particles from the mattress.

#2. To prepare the solution, mix vinegar and water in a bowl or bottle. Apply the solution over the stain.

#3. Wipe away any excess solution with a clean cloth. Wait for a few minutes to get the mixture inside the mattress fibers.

#4. After a few minutes, sprinkle some baking soda over the stain. Leave the mattress for some hours.

#5. Vacuum the remaining baking soda from the mattress and, if necessary, allow it to dry.

#6. Stains on your mattress should have disappeared or been significantly reduced. You can repeat the procedure if you start getting results.

Professional Mattress Cleaners To Clean Off All The Yellow Stains!

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