Flooring gets dirty and even contains vast numbers of germs and bacteria in it. Dirt and stains stick to your shoes and are carried easily inside the home. These germs can easily enter into our bodies and make you sick.

You may place precious and shiny tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom areas. But, to keep them long-lasting and water-resistant, professional cleaning is required.

Not to forget, tiles are much easier to clean than carpets. Different types of flooring require different methods of cleaning. Read more to know what’s best for cleaning tile floors at home.

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Top Solutions For Cleaning Tile Floors At Home

Tiles need low maintenance and easy cleaning. To keep them long-lasting, you need to first know how to clean them. So, let’s learn here some simple tile cleaning tips at home.

Simple Sweep And Clean

This is the simplest and most commonly used method of cleaning ceramic tiles. To start the process of cleaning, first remove dust from the tiles by vacuum or dust mob. You can vacuum it a few times to completely get rid of dust.

Now, add a mild detergent in hot water and mop the floor with it. Use a rag or chamois mop (not a sponge mop) for better results. Let it dry. A quick tip to remember is to keep changing the bucket of dirty soap water.

Vinegar Solution

This is a well-known home remedy for deep cleaning the tiles. It is mostly used when the tiles get a blurry film layer of dust right after being cleaned by soap and water.

In this case, you can opt for an all-purpose cleaner. This can be made at home using vinegar. Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with a gallon of hot water. Mop the floor using this solution.

Clean The Grout Lines

The cleaning of grout lines is often neglected or forgotten. Most of the dust gets stored in the grout lines. Therefore, knowing how to clean grout lines are of the highest importance.

Use a commercial grout cleaner and spray it on them. You can use a mixture of baking soda and water. Use a small scrub brush to clean the grouts.

Hire Best Professionals For Effective Cleaning!

Trained professionals know what’s best for cleaning tile floors more effectively. So, hire professional cleaners for residential or commercial tile cleaning service from Green Air Care, at the San Antonio location.

Our experts ensure you keep your tiles clean and look new for years. We have services ranging from tile cleaning to dryer vent cleaning.

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