From pet hair, food, or dirt, carpets are unprotected from lots of harshnesses, which affects their look and quality. So, although the carpets don’t show signs of being dirty, there is a huge build-up of contamination present in them.

One of the major issues to make your carpets dirty is the change in seasons. Every season affects the carpet in one or another. So, it’s confusing to understand when to invest in professional carpet cleaning services.

Learn here how all seasons of carpet cleaning influence the beauty of your carpets.

Influence Of All Seasons Carpet Cleaning Methods

Seasons play a major role in the increase of contamination in the carpet which ruins its quality and style. Each season has its factors that contribute to wear and tear on the carpet. Learn below how every season affects the carpets.

Spring Season

Carpet Cleaning Methods

The fresh spring air brings the pollen, dirt, and germs inside your homes which ultimately settle down on carpets. Moreover, if you roam on the carpets wearing shoes, then mud will also get absorbed inside the carpets. Professional carpet cleaners advise removing shoes before walking on the carpets. Also, do not open windows or doors frequently near the carpets.

Summer Season

Carpet Cleaning Methods

You spent more of your time outdoors than indoors during the summer seasons, bringing dirt inside from outside. Plus, if you keep the air conditioning on, the same dirty air gets circulated which eventually gets collected on carpets. This season is perfect for cleaning thick and wall-to-wall carpets, as they dry faster.

Fall Season

Fall Season

It is just the time for the holiday season, which means guests and parties. This means spending more time inside than outside. Now, you can’t ask your guests to remove shoes or stop them from spilling wine or food. The best solution is to get professional carpet cleaning done right after the holiday season is over.

Winter Season

Winter season

Snow makes the carpets wet, which anyways are hard to dry in the winter season. Moreover, the lint from fireplaces floats inside the house and eventually falls on the carpets. So with you spending more time indoors, investing in professional carpet cleaning will improve indoor air quality.

What Are The Different Methods For Cleaning A Carpet?

Some carpet cleaning methods are wildly used in cleaning the carpet.

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Encapsulation
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

So, be it stains, spills, spots, or odor, our carpet cleaning specialist removes them all. These are some processes that are used by professionals. At your home or premises, you can carry out any of these services which seems fit.