A clean mattress is a vital aspect of good and restful sleep. Despite that, if you spend a lot of time on the bed, mattress cleaning is neglected. Then, over time it attracts dirt, dead skin, body fluids, oil and becomes vulnerable to damage the mattress’s fabric. If you have a pet, they could also leave dust and stains behind.

So, it requires deep cleaning of the mattress with an effective cleaning process. While you can clean the mattress on your own. But, hiring a professional mattress cleaning service is a great option. Here, you should also be aware of professional mattress cleaning service cost that varies depending on the size and condition of the mattress.

Mattress cleaning experts use tools to eliminate fungus, mites and dead skin cells from your mattress. However, before engaging with professional mattress cleaning services, consider price as an important factor. Hence, read this blog to know the mattress cleaning cost and how professional mattress cleaning works?

How Much Does A Professional Mattress Cleaning Service Cost?

The cost of professional mattress cleaning depends on the size and region. For an instance, the average mattress cleaning cost of a crib-size mattress is around $75. Whereas a king-sized mattress cleaning cost is approximately $150. The cleaning price also differs based on the cleaning methods that apply as per the condition of your mattress.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Price List 
Size Of Mattress  Mattress Cleaning Cost 
King Sized $150
Queen Sized  $129
Full-Sized  $109
Twin Sized $89
Crib Sized $75

How Professional Mattress Cleaning Services Work?

Mattress cleaning experts clean your mattress with the latest industry tools and equipment. Before applying any cleaning methods, they examine the condition of your mattress.

After that, professionals use steam cleaning or dry cleaning methods to eliminate hard stains on your mattress. Therefore, professional mattress cleaning service costs vary as per the cleaning methods. So your mattress cleaning is important for your health and home.

The steam cleaning process involves deep cleaning and removes embedded germs, contaminants on your mattress. Because steam can deeply penetrate the mattress and pull out dirt and pollutants, giving a safe and germ-free atmosphere within your room. It also minimizes the health risk.

On the other hand, dry cleaning is a method to remove yellow stains and grime from your mattress. There are various causes for yellow stains on the mattress. So, the dry method includes applying a protective layer and then vacuum up. It eliminates all the tough stains.

Can Professional Mattress Cleaning Remove Stains?

You may clean the mattress yourself. But you will not get desired results due to the lack of knowledge and expertise. So, hire an impressive professional mattress cleaning service from Green Air Care in San Antonio, TX. Our highly-trained professional mattress cleaner gives you complete care by removing stains and odor. We use the steam and dry cleaning method with recent industry tools and equipment. Along with that, we also provide sanitizing services.